Where is Road Rules? Why did Chris Harrison get fired and $50 million? Is Tough As Nails too tough? And more...

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This week, I reviewed TBS’s The Cube, hosted by Dwayne Wade, another game show imported from the UK.

I didn’t like it as much as I liked this new NBC show. What did you think of either or both?

I also answered three questions:

And I gasped out loud at this news:

Other reality TV news

⭐️ I recommend

  • This show, which was edited into a feature documentary that was just added to Discovery+

  • This essay about how The Real Housewives “Bravo’s decision to insert a lone woman of color into the all-white casts of its flagship reality franchise has led to some terribly ugly television.” This past week’s episode of RHONY, which is the one Housewives I watch, was full of some disgraceful behavior.

  • This piece about Jessica B. Harris, whose book High on the Hog is the basis of the Netflix show of the same name, which I just started watching and definitely also recommend

  • This interview with Meerkat Manor’s creator about the revival of the show

That’s everything for this week! For next week, I’m working on behind-the-scenes interviews about two shows, Holey Moley and American Ninja Warrior, plus a review of HBO Max’s Full Bloom.

Look for those stories and more on reality blurred, and enjoy whatever reality TV you watch this weekend!


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