The Mole is coming to Netflix! Plus Holey Moley, Lego Masters, American Ninja Warrior, and more

Dear newsletter friends,

Happy Friday! So, it was a shitty week for one upcoming reality show, in part because those who suffered have to endure jokes like that from jerks like me.

However, it was an excellent week for those of us who are fans of two great competitions, one new and one old:

  1. Holey Moley is back! And I interviewed its executive producer and got tons of behind-the-scenes details about season 3.

  2. The Mole’s Anderson Cooper seasons are coming to Netflix soon, and…

  3. the revival of The Mole is also going to be on Netflix. (It’s being filmed this summer.)

My reaction to #2 and 3 is basically: 😱🎉😍

Also this week, I:

I hope you enjoy these behind-the-scenes deep dives. I love learning more about how reality TV is produced, and I love sharing it with you!

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⭐️ I recommend

  • This always-fun show—and my interview about it

  • This profile of Martin Yan, whose show Yan Can Cook was the first cooking reality show I ever watched

  • This show, which has remained fun, even when they’ve reused challenges

  • This piece about true-crime director Joe Berlinger’s “petty shit,” which Sarah D. Bunting has perfectly nicknamed “Berlingerence”

  • This scene from The Real World Boston, when Kameelah, a straight cast member, talks to a kid who says, “I don’t like gay people. I just have a feeling that I hate them” while Genesis, a lesbian cast member, watches.

Before I sign off this week, a programming note: This newsletter is taking next Friday off, so I can take a long weekend away from my laptop, a break that is long overdue.

I’ll still be publishing new stuff on reality blurred all next week and the week after, so stop on by, and pretend like it’s 2003 and we just go visit websites directly. 😂

Have a great weekend and enjoy all the reality TV you watch. I’ll see you back here in your inbox soon.


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