The celebrities on Drag Race; the surprise of Idol; the icing of Amazing Race, again; a Challenge mystery

Happy May!

Dear newsletter friends,

Happy first day of May! April is behind us, and hopefully the worst of the pandemic, too, though I am very nervous about this rush back to normalcy.

Unable to film in a studio as usual with its top 20, American Idol did something else instead, and it was its best episode in years.

Another show I really enjoyed the past week was the first celebrity Drag Race episode, which was just a lot of fun. The show continues tonight on VH1, after the regular Drag Race.

Were the contestants celebrities? Eh. It’s very clear why VH1 went with a strategy of not announcing the participants in advance.

After the episode, I went looking to see if any actual celebrities will appear, and found all the people appearing on Celebrity Drag Race. Spoilers, of course—but only of the casting and pairing with Drag Race alum.

amazing race yes GIF by CBS

Amazing Race fans, some bad news: CBS delayed Amazing Race 32, which was going to take over after Survivor.

That news came a day after I answered these two questions: Will CBS cancel Amazing Race? Will Amazing Race Canada 8 be filmed?

There is good news, though: Phil Keoghan’s new show is coming this summer.

Survivor questions, answered

I had so much fun excavating the Survivor archives last week that I did it again this week: 21 burning Survivor questions, answered.

Those range from idol rules to contact lenses to pooping practices.

We have just two episodes left of Survivor: Winners at War, and in my recap, I asked, Why are voted-out Survivor winners playing harder than those in the game?

Big balls are back

Fail Wipe Out GIF - Fail WipeOut Ouch GIFs

I cannot get enough of watching bodies bounce off of big red balls and other objects (see the GIF above, which I have now watched several hundred times), and so I’m thrilled that Wipeout is returning.

That’s not for a while, though. This week, a Bake-Off winner’s cooking show and five other shows premiered.

If you’ve watched the Making the Cut finale, read my interviews with its winner and runner-up. I’ll say this: I was with Naomi Campbell on this one.

Finally, a Twitter conversation this week led me to investigate why MTV never repeats The Challenge when it airs Ridiculousness a ridiculous amount. The numbers are truly ridiculous.

Okay, that’s it for the final days of April and the first day of May. Have a wonderful weekend, please, and continue to stay safe.


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