It's my 200th newsletter, starring Floor is Lava, Survivor 41 news, and original Real World

Dear newsletter friends,

It’s the 200th edition of this (mostly) weekly newsletter! Thanks to those of you who’ve subscribed for years—even before it took this form of a note from me with links to what I’ve written and covered. And special thanks to those who upgraded to paid subscriptions.

There’s a bigger reality blurred anniversary coming in a few weeks, so I’ll save the nostalgia for that. On to this week’s news and reviews!

This week, I reviewed:

The Floor Is Lava GIF by Virzi Triplets

As part of my summer rewatch of Survivor: Borneo, I recapped episode four:

Speaking of Survivor, there’s encouraging news from Fiji, though still no sense of when—or if—the show might film.

Also, I watched an interview Jeff Probst gave earlier this year, and it has a lot of insight, including abou Probst’s need to “reinvent the show every single time” there’s a new season.

outlast jeff probst GIF by CBS

Big Brother should have premiered this week, had this been a normal year.

But these 11 reality shows are premiering.

Today, there’s a Real World season 1 marathon airing all day.

And tonight, there’s a live stream of a conversation between Black Survivor cast members.

Here’s a link to that—and two must-listen podcast episodes, including one with four Black reality TV producers who discuss the problems in Hollywood, and how it needs to change.

Have a great weekend! Mask up! 😷


🌄 This is Reality in Focus issue 200, first sent 26 June 2020, and it never played floor is lava. Holey Moley!

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