Big Brother and Love Island film soon, RHONY is a mess, and more


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Did you know about the comet? I did not, until yesterday! So last night we took the trash out and took a drive, away from city lights.

Then, with binoculars, searched below the Big Dippper: and there it was! The comet NEOWISE. It wasn’t as clear as it is in the picture above, but it was still spectacular.

What’s most amazing to me is that the comet was first noticed on March 27—of this year. While we were getting used to being locked in our houses, the comet kept doing what it does, and getting ready to give us a show and then disappear for a while.

It won’t be visible for another 6,800 years or so, but you may still be able to see it this weekend, before the moon gets too bright.

Here’s NASA’s advice for finding it. Good luck!

I hope your reality television discoveries are as fascinating and as once-in-a-lifetime as that.

Big Brother and Love Island both film soon

Returning to our TV orbit soon is Big Brother 22, which now has a premiere date for its live move-in, plus new timeslots.

BB22 is an all-star season; here are the current reported/rumored cast members.

CBS’s Love Island season two was going to premiere in May, but since it filmed in Fiji, that was impossible. Survivor films there, too, and currently has no plans to start filming season 41.

The solution: the show is moving to Las Vegas.

There are still a lot of unknowns with both shows, like how long they’ll film for, or if going into production in two COVID-19 hotspots will result in anyone’s infection, illness, and/or death.

Big Brother cast members might be safe locked inside that tiny soundstage house, after two weeks of quarantine and testing, but crew members will be still be living at their homes, and sometimes working in small spaces. I’m worried for them, and hope it will be okay, and that this reality TV will be worth it.

RHONY’s mess, Survivor’s first loved ones reward

bethenny frankel real housewives of nyc GIF

I usually love The Real Housewives of New York City.

I am not loving this drunken mess of a season.

Speaking of annoying behavior, I’m continuing my re-watch of Survivor’s first season, and thankfully, this guy was voted off in episode eight.

We’re now into the post-merge game, and the show is focusing more on strategy. Episode eight also the first-ever loved-ones reward, though the family members came via videotape—well, almost all of them. Read my recap.

In news you may have missed:

Those are all my updates for this week! Enjoy your weekend, and good luck spotting the comet.


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📷 Photo of the comet NEOWISE above Lone Pine Lake in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains by Lauren Hughes/NASA