AYTO's rigging, BB23's premiere, Discovery+'s strategy, Carole Baskin & Colton Underwood's Netflix shows, and much more!

Dear newsletter friends,

My one goal for the week was to write about this season of Top Chef, which is so good! You should watch it. But I didn’t get to that yet.

Instead, I ended up taking two deep dives. First, an answer to a question about a frustrating trend:

Second, my tweet about Tiger King combined with my irritation with a Variety story about Bachelor Colton Underwood prompted me to think about what they have in common, and ultimately write this story:

I hope you’ll read it, and, as with everything, welcome your thoughts and discussion about my take.

Finally, now that I finished my Survivor: The Australian Outback rewatch, I’ve gathered my recaps for both seasons one and two in handy lists. Take a stroll through Survivor history with me:

  1. Survivor Borneo

  2. Survivor: The Australian Outback

Reality TV news

And more news!

⭐️ I recommend

  • This oral history of Tom Holland’s performance on Lip Sync Battle…

  • …and his incredible performance, if you haven’t already seen it—or even if you have!

  • This list of rejected names for Summer House Winter Charm, which is Bravo’s new name for Winter House

  • This detailed analysis of the teams’ success rate on Legends of the Hidden Temple

  • This essay about Ellen’s “whiny, tone-deaf disaster” of a farewell tour

That’s everything I have for this week. Please get yourself a COVID-19 shot or two, if you haven’t already, and enjoy whatever reality TV you watch this weekend!


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