A new Real World cast is reuniting - Survivor is flailing - Judge Judy is back judging - Joe Millionaire is returning

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Have you seen this clip of a totally shocking elimination ceremony from a UK show? It was making the rounds earlier this week.

It’s definitely surprising. I gasped!

It was also very familiar, because it’s been done before, even back in the early 2000s. Everything old is new again!

Which is also a good a theme for my reviews and reality TV news this week…

Judging / Survivor

I reviewed:

I also wrote a review of this season of Survivor so far, asking:

And, of course, I recapped and analyzed this week’s merge part 2 episode, including the dramatic Tribal Council that followed the twist we knew was coming.

Reality show news

⭐️ I recommend

I’m working on stories about Project Runway (I’m not sure what I think about this season!), Holiday Baking Championship (is it the best Baking Championship), and Hoarders (which has been surprisingly uplifting this season).

What are you watching—or looking forward to, if it’s premiering soon? Hit reply and let me know, or you can…

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I hope you have a great rest of your week, and a terrific weekend.


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